Programs and Services

In efforts to meet as many of our client’s needs, we offer the following services on an everyday basis:


We are here to help Hispanics integrate into the community. We provide assistance to Hispanic individuals in the areas of housing, safety, and transportation.


We can point clients to community services and accompany them to these services if a language barrier exists. We provide information on numerous topics. As an example, we can offer help in finding income tax advice.


Often, when accompanying clients, due to the language barrier, we interpret at the location or by phone. We are also available to be contacted by businesses or agencies to hire our interpreting services.  For more information on fees, please contact our office.


We can translate birth certificates and various other documents excluding driver’s licenses. We partner with local entities to fulfill their translation needs.  For more information on fees, please contact our office.

Read Documents & Filling Out Forms

We are the place many turn to for help filling out a job application or understanding their children’s school correspondence.

Notarial Services

We have two in-house notaries public who can assist in Spanish with any notarial need.

Emergency Financial Assistance

With financial aid from the Barbara Jones Special Needs Fund, the program provides financial support for emergencies (such as rent, doctor bills, clothing, and food) to individuals and families in Goodhue County.


We advocate on behalf of Hispanic individuals, families and the whole Hispanic community with schools, healthcare providers, landlords, government offices, law enforcement agencies, non-profits, and many others.