Hispanic Outreach Staff

Lucy Richardson

Executive Director

As the Executive Director of Hispanic Outreach of Goodhue County, a role she assumed in 2011, Lucy oversees the strategic planning and operations of the organization. Lucy’s journey in the United States began in 1998 as a new immigrant from Mexico.

Before embarking on her American journey, Lucy held key positions, showcasing her administrative prowess as the radio station administrator and Personal Assistant to the owner and News Director. Following her move to the U.S., she seamlessly transitioned into manufacturing roles and became the Hispanic liaison for Hiawatha Valley Adult Basic Education, further solidifying her commitment to community service.

Besides her professional endeavors, Lucy finds fulfillment in spending quality time with her family, including her cherished dogs. An avid nature enthusiast, she enjoys exploring state parks through hiking, showcasing her appreciation for the outdoors. She lives in Stockholm, WI.

Yelba Olson

Administrative Coordinator

Yelba Olson is the Administrative Coordinator for Hispanic Outreach of Goodhue County. Yelba was born in Arlington VA near the Nation’s Capital. Yelba started her role at Hispanic Outreach in 2022. Prior to working at Hispanic Outreach Yelba was a Residential Property Manager for a 467 Unit Condominium with mixed use in Arlington Va.

Yelba has an extensive background in management as a District trainer, District Manager, and a Regional Manager, Loss prevention and managing the day to day operations, accounting and bookkeeping. Yelba is a born helper, and was attracted to Hispanic Outreach for that reason – to assist people in need. Yelba has a passion for working with people, and supporting her communities.

Yelba loves to run, travel, and spend time with her husband, family and friends. She is always looking to find a project and be creative in anything she does. Yelba went to live in Peru for a couple years when she was a child, to learn the culture of her parents and to learn the Spanish language.

Juana Pastor

Community Engagement Coordinator

Juana Pastor is the Community Engagement Coordinator at Hispanic Outreach of Goodhue County.  Juana is Originally from Mexico. She studied accounting and worked in the accounting department for a pharmacy chain in her country.

In 2008 Juana came to Hispanic Outreach as a client and then stayed on as a volunteer. In 2009 Juana started working for a preschool supporting Hispanic children and took the position of teacher’s assistant. Juana also worked 14 years as a Hispanic ministry coordinator at a Catholic church in Red Wing, MN.

Juana loves working with the Hispanic community. In the summer she enjoys driving and admiring nature

Adriana Thuerauf

Community Engagement Manager

Adriana Thuerauf is the Community Engagement Manager at Hispanic Outreach of Goodhue County. She is originally from Costa Rica but has lived in the United States for over 20 years.

Adriana is very proud to have been instrumental in the birth of Hispanic Outreach back in 2006, when it was a staff of 1 person and 4 board members. She left Hispanic Outreach to work as an interpreter and translator for the National Latino Network, an organization that works against domestic violence and later ventured into the for-profit world, but being a social worker by trade. Adriana felt called to return to work for non-profits and the perfect opportunity was waiting for her! Adriana felt back at home here at Hispanic Outreach now a bigger and stronger organization!
Adriana enjoys engaging with our clients and providing services to the community. In her free time, she enjoys going to the movies and traveling with her family.

Gloria Machado

Youth and Family Program Manager

Gloria Machado is the Youth and Family Program Manager for Hispanic Outreach of Goodhue County. Gloria has had the privilege of working with Hispanic Outreach as the Coordinator of the Summer Program for the last 2 years starting in 2022 and then promoted to her current position. Gloria manages and organizes the after-school program at Hispanic Outreach involving the coaching, tutoring of the Hispanic students at the middle and High School. Gloria helps the students and their families navigate unfamiliar school systems, and provides leadership skills for students to assist with graduating High School.

Gloria graduated as a teacher of Social Sciences in her Country of El Salvador at the Panamerican University. Gloria has experience working as a K-12 teacher, and a professional special education assistant for Red Wing Public Schools. Gloria has worked as a director counselor and Youth Leader for many years.

Gloria’s hobby is to cook typical food from her country El Salvador and loves to share her culture. She enjoys free time with her family, dogs, camping, hiking and getting to know new places.

Eva Dubois

Youth and Family Program Coordinator

Eva Dubois is the Youth and Family Program Coordinator for Hispanic Outreach of Goodhue County. She supports the Youth and Family Program Manager in all middle and High School activities including the afterschool program.

Eva graduated from the University of Orient in her country Venezuela in 2006 as a biologist. She studied Social Sciences, Computer Science and English. Along with her university studies, Eva worked as an assistant teacher in pre-school and as a substitute teacher in elementary, middle and High School.
Eva is an organized person and enjoys working with children and young adults observing their progress daily. On her spare time, she enjoys the theatre, visiting new places and enjoys the nature in all four seasons.